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Web marketers

  •  Immediate access to the existing travel agent network
By entering our Easy Travel Manager network you will gain access to all Destination Management Companies whose offers you will be able to promote. Therefore, you may immediately start monetizing your current traffic and create new affiliate portal.

Once you become a member of our network you will be able to choose with which Destination Management Company you will establish cooperation and in which fashion. Therefore, you need no previous aquaintances or connections in tourist industry. You are free to ask the agency to establish the partner relationship and the agency may contact you with the same request.

As marketer in our network you have the total autonomy to choose accomodations you wish to promote in your portals.

  • Monetization
You as a marketer in our network will chargeDestination Management Companies for the sold arrangements exclusively and receive a certain percentage per each enquiry made through your web site and from which the agency created the package.

This percentage is fixed and is preset by the Destination Management Company, but usually it is 10% of the arrangement value. Each operator has predetermined the percentage projected for marketers and prior to selection of offers you intend to promote you will be informed of the percentage.

Detailed information on the current phase of enquiry is available, thus having the information which enquiries have been made into arrangements and how much money you will earn.

Payment is effectuated directly by Destination Management Companies, our system is not a payment intermediary and it only offers the insight on the present receivables from Destination Management Companies.

Using the Easy Travel Manager network is free for marketers, while all the expences are charged to Destination Management Companies. 

  •  Network simplicity
No specific knowledge is necessary for using the Easy Travel Manager network. It operates thorough widget system. It is only necessary to make a widget and put only pone code line on your portal. Upon placing the widget to your web site visitors will be able to create travel package directly from your site, while the whole process is done by Destination Management Company, so it is sufficient for you as the marketer only to put the selected widget on your portal.

There are several types of widgets:

Widget for individual accommodation – simply select the most active premises and put them on your portal or with the help of this widget put the whole portal with offers of the accomodations you selected.

Search widget –enables the visitor to define search criteria.

Traffic light widget – industrial standard, generally accepted way of showing the accommodation capacity availability, practical for end user because it offers all available rooms, villas, hotels in various cities or states in just one place.

If the required accommodation is not available in specific period, system will offer similar accomodations available at the specific time, in similar price range and position, thus maximizing the sale.

  •  Detailed statistics of each widget
It is possible to record the conversion from the viewing to sending the enquiry and from sending the enquiry to travel package. In this way each widget may be analysed and it can easily be determined which widget is the most cost effective.

It is possible to analyse each widget according:

Time period, in which time intervals is bigger conversion rate

Agency–it can easily be seen which widgets from which agencies are selling the most and thus maximizing your profit.

  •  Full control and adjustability of widgets regardless of the Destination Management Company
During widget creation there are predefined widget topics which in only one click give the widget its elegant graphic design.

In case the predefined topics are not compatible with the web site or marketers want to create the unique appearance there are two options for changing the widget style:

Basic option –through graphic editor you may change the style without the knowledge of html or css.

Advanced –enables setting up all css and html elements.

Additionally, there is the possibility to alter information shown on widget, so that widget can contain photo gallery, pricelist table per periods or just table without photos.

All widget elements may be set vertically or horizontally and widget dimenstions may be adjusted.

During the alteration of any widget element and style, there is the preview showing the current widget appearance.

Whole widget is made in iframe, so that it will not be in conflict with the existing web site.

Should you wish so, it is possible to put in the widget the link for backlink outside the iframe.